Our approach works. We have the data to prove it.

Decades of research have proven that children who attend high-quality preK are MORE: prepared for Kindergarten, likely to earn a living wage, likely to postpone parenthood, likely to avoid court involvement, and be heathier into adulthood.  Our impact at Nuestra Escuelita mirrors these postive outcomes. We use an evaluation instrument that enables us to compare the progress of our students to their peers across the country (including young children who are not bilingual or low-income).   

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Evaluation of the EDCI/LEAP Academy students is conducted by Duke University's Center for Child and Family Policy.  Their evaluators use a tool called the Kindergarten Observation Tool which assesses children's pre-academic and social skills and determines their Kindergarten Readiness.  Ninety percent of the Academy students were found to be Ready for K in 2018. 

Making progress is more difficult with our older children. Ninety percent of our tutoring students were promoted last year and received an average grade of C+ on their report cards in English/Language Arts.  Students achieved almost a year’s worth of growth in reading (3.75 levels in our Reading A-Z curriculum, up from 2.75 last year).  Our most significant achievement may be the increase in the students’ motivation and willingness to ask questions, and complete homework, as reported by their parents through our year-end survey.