Believing in the potential of all children, LEAP empowers Latino and other children in Durham to achieve academic success by providing a high-quality preschool and on-going support through middle school.

News and Events

A special graduation after a special year! 

Everything changed for us on March 16th. We closed our buidling - and continued school!  Nothing was going to keep us from teaching - and graduating 22, 4 and 5 year olds! 

We are NOT holding our summer LEAP into Spanish Camp this year. 

Our virtual LEAP Lunch exceeded our goal! We got stuff like this for our kids - and much more! Gracias

We ARE planning on school, tutoring and ESL  beginning in the fall.  

We don't know exactly how things will operate, but we know we'll be teaching as safely as possible.

Go ahead and volunteer to be be a teaching assistant at Nuestra Escuelita, or a tutor, and we'll figure it out together! 

Why do we teach our preschool children in English and Spanish?


Several reasons: 


1) Children who continue to develop their first language learn a second language better. 


2) Learning a second language develops other invaluable skills as well - such as persistence and problem solving. 

3) Becoming fluent in a second language is an asset in today's economy. 

4) We show our Latinx families that we respect and value their culture. 

It's all good! 



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