Explanation of Objectives Measured by Teaching Strategies Gold


Teaching Strategies Gold is an online tool that measures our students progress. During the course of every-day activities (as opposed to sitting down one day and taking a test), our teachers note and collect artifacts of our students’ behavior and work. Using this information, they respond to prompts provided by Teaching Strategies, which is organized to assess the children’s progress towards thirty-eight objectives within six domains of development. The tool compares each student’s progress to that of children across the United States and the “widely-held expectations” for average development.


The six domains each include 4 - 8 objectives, including the ones noted as follows:

Social Emotional: manages feelings; forms relationships with adults and children

Physical: demonstrates gross and fine motor skills; uses writing tools

Language: understands increasing complex language; speaks clearly

Cognitive: solves problems; remembers and connects events

Literacy: demonstrates knowledge of alphabet; notices rhymes

Math: connects numbers with their quantities; demonstrates knowledge of patterns