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Durham, NC 27705

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Why do we teach our preschool children in English and Spanish?  Several reasons: 

1) Children who continue to develop their first language learn a second language better. 

2) Becoming fluent in a second language is an asset in today's economy. 

3) Learning a second language develops other valuable skills as well - including complex reasoning and persistence. 


4) We show our Latinx students' families that we respect their culture. 



Farmer Reid (of DPS Hub Farm fame) is teaching our kids all  growing plants at the same time our teachers are "planting the seeds" of learning that will grow into the foundation of our students' intellectual and emotional development for the rest of their lives.  

LEAP places a strong emphasis on outdoor, hands-on learning. Whether we are nurturing plants or learning about animals, our students are developing a sense of themselves as stewards of nature - and enjoying the gifts of the natural world!