LEAP, c/o St. Luke's Episcopal Church

1737 Hillandale Road

Durham, NC 27705

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f:  919-416-9529

Why do we teach our preschool children in English and Spanish?  Several reasons: 

1) Children who continue to develop their first language learn a second language better. 

2) Becoming fluent in a second language is an asset in today's economy. 

3) Learning a second language develops other valuable skills as well - including complex reasoning and persistence. 


4) We show our Latinx students' families that we respect their culture. 



At Nuestra Escuelita, we use an online evaluation tool developed by Creative Curriculum (one of the five curricula approved for use by the NC Child Care Commission). At the EDCI/LEAP Academy, we use another well-respected tool: the Kindergarten Observation Tool (KOF) under the guidance of staff from the Center for Child and Family Policy. To evaluate the impact of our tutoring program, we track our students' grades, End-of-Grade test results, and survey results.  We are in the process of collating our results from 2017-18