Meeting the needs of our families in the wake of the  Coronavirus 

Like all organizations that work with people, we are shifting the way we work to meet the needs of our community. Cash donations are especially useful right now, because we can deploy them to the areas of greatest need as things evolve. 

With the help of Porch Durham, and the Durham Public Schools Foundation, we believe our families have had the food they need. We have distributed waves of books and art supplies to keep our children learning. We have borrowed and purchased enough tablets so that all of our tutoring and preschool students have been able to participate in remote instruction this year. We have made cash grants to fifteen of our families since last spring to assist them with rent and utilities payments. 

At this point, we are seeing all of our preschool students in-person, outside; our tutoring students continue to meet with their tutors online. Our current fundraising goal is to create an additional preschool classroom next fall. We know that the need for high-quality preschool has only grown during the past year, when so many children have been deprived of the creative and social experiences that can prepare them for kindergarten and years of academic success. With your help, we will expand our services and work even harder to meet this need. 




What your money can do for our kids


= outreach to 1  student for 1 month


= one tablet

Invest in our kids. Invest in LEAP! 
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Thank you for investing in the enormous potential of our students and our community by donating to LEAP .  We welcome donations of any amount. Every dollar will be put to use for our kids!

LEAP is a registered 501(c)(3) organization; donations to LEAP are  tax deductible.


We are so grateful for the support we receive from the BIN Foundation, The Harry L. and Helen M. Rust Foundation, The Oak Foundation, The Tom Russell Foundation, many Durham congregations and businesses, and donors like YOU!