LEAP needs YOU to grow!  

LEAP is fortunate to the have support of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, several Episcopal Churches and an increasing number of individual donors. Their support has gotten us off the ground! Our staff is busy writing grants and organizing fundraising events - and stretching every penny. 

To grow and serve the kids who need us, we need people who believe in the potential of our Latino children to become donors.  We welcome donations of any amount. Every dollar will be put to use for our kids! 

We are in the process of becoming an independent nonprofit organization.  When this happens, donations can be made online. For now, to donate to LEAP, please send your check made out to St. Philip's Episcopal Church (our fiscal sponsor), with "LEAP" on the memo line, and send it to: LEAP, c/o St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 1737 Hillandale Road, Durham, NC  27701. Your donation is tax-deductible.