LEAP, c/o St. Luke's Episcopal Church

1737 Hillandale Road

Durham, NC 27705

p: 919-286-2273

f:  919-416-9529

Why do we teach our preschool children in English and Spanish?  Several reasons: 

1) Children who continue to develop their first language learn a second language better. 

2) Becoming fluent in a second language is an asset in today's economy. 

3) Learning a second language develops other valuable skills as well - including complex reasoning and persistence. 


4) We show our Latinx students' families that we respect their culture. 



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​Tutoring and Nuestra Escuelita ("Our Little School" are located on the campus of St. Luke's Church. 
1737 Hillandale Road,
Durham, NC 27705
​email address:
t: 919-286-2273 x. 213
f: 919-416-9529
The EDCI/LEAP Academy is located at 2615 Harvard Avenue. 

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