LEAP, c/o St. Luke's Episcopal Church

1737 Hillandale Road

Durham, NC 27705

p: 919-286-2273

f:  919-416-9529

Why do we teach our preschool children in English and Spanish?  Several reasons: 

1) Children who continue to develop their first language learn a second language better. 

2) Becoming fluent in a second language is an asset in today's economy. 

3) Learning a second language develops other valuable skills as well - including complex reasoning and persistence. 


4) We show our Latinx students' families that we respect their culture. 



Board of Directors

Laura Branton

Community Volunteer

Rebekah Cid del Prado 

VP, Human Resource Development, Cooperativa Latina Credit Union

Elizabeth Edmiston

Senior Software Engineer, LucidWorks

Mercedes Jaramillo-McCurley

Parent Liaison/Interpreter, Durham Public Schools 


Jonah Kendall

Rector, St. Philip's​ Episcopal Church

Linda López-Stone

Associate Campaign Director, Mom's Rising

Nancy Pike 

Community Volunteer

Habacuc Ramos-Huerta

Rector, Iglesia El Buen Pastor

Jim Reingruber

Board Treasurer

Assistant Director, Solid Waste, City of Durham

Sally Starrfield

Board Vice Chair

Asst. Director, Academic Affairs

Duke, TIP


Helen Svoboda-Barber

Rector, St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Shawn Sullivan

VP of Analytics Consulting Solutions, Blue Cross, Blue Shield of NC

Jennifer Trapani

Co-founder and Chief Underwriting Officer, The Redwoods Group

Sarah Wood

Board Chair

Attorney and Community Volunteer